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Founded in 1993, Four Seasons has grown from a small HVAC company to a regional leader in the HVAC business. From Malden, MA to York, ME, and everywhere in between, we are here to give you our personalized and individual attention. Contractors realize our specific skills in managing hi-tech products and call on us for assistance with HVAC installations, repairs, and troubleshooting. In April 2019, Jim Davidof Merrimac, MA, founder and former owner of David Heating Company, was looking for a new challenge. He joined 4 Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning, having worked with Peter in the past, and hoping to be able to showcase his talents in a small, boutique company setting. Peter and Jim both grew up in small towns, and have maintained the small-town values. However, they both realize that energy efficiency and “green” systems are a necessity today. They both embrace making the world a better place for their children, grandchildren, and future generations. We look forward to hearing from you and creating a safe, comfortable home or business environment for you, your employees, and your families.

Gas-fired boiler


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